promote your blog for free

promote your blog for free


I am so excited that now on wards your blog traffic will absolutely continue to GROW EVERYDAY. If you follow it properly I am sure you will achieve a good amount of traffic in next 6 months or less and also gain popularity for your blog.

Let’s get started              

So why am I breaking up the groups. It is because if put the schedule of all the groups together, you will get puzzled.

My motto is to make actionable steps and to give you a clear concise, so that you can actually grow your blog.

I believe that you will start doing with the first 10 groups or more  and stick to their schedules for at-least 10 days. Once you get accustomed then you can go to the next set of FB groups.

This way you would not be stressing out yourself and also achieve your goal calmly.

Now let’s check out the first set of FB Group + their links.

1. Pinterest Pals

2. Bloggers Unite on Pinterest

3. Pinterest Ninjas

4. Creative Ninja Nation

5. Bloggers & Online Biz Community

6. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

7. Share your blog + Tips & Tricks

8. Blogging Babes and Business Bosses

9. Blogging Newbs

10. Pinning Ain’t Easy

11. Rock your Blog & Biz

12. Connect and Cultivate with Ivory Mix

13Make Your Blog Beautiful

14.Twitter & Pinterest Fabulous

15. Facebook Fabulous

16.Bloggers Supporting Each Other

17. Social Marketing Blogs

18. Mom to Mompreneur

19.Blogging Boost

20.Blog Beautiful

21. Bloggers Insight

Send the joining requests to the groups and make time to participate in them.

Some of the groups may ask you questions like what is your blog url, or how would this community help you? Do not worry, these  questions  are  just to avoid any spam bot.


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